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have i told you guys about that one time i had to do a presentation on class but i was being a lazy fuck so i just copied one i found on the internet and presented it but the whole time my teacher was giving me weird glares ok so after i was done i realized the work i copied had my university watermark on it but like from years ago long story short i had copied my teacher’s work when he was a student and presented it to him years later

So I did the digital for this au Uni and I made up with the nindroid replica of Kozu that we are currently roleplaying. He’s basically a Kozu “Clone” with memories(at least most of them).

I wanted to try to make his face paint look somewhat like Pixal’s, but I’m just too tired to try to design some face design that will mostly be covered anyway… I wasn’t sure what to do with his eyes, so I just made them green for now. I’ll probably fix it up and make him more nindroid like when I’m not so sleepy.

Uni and I were watching ninjago together (not really but at the same time and we were on skype) and we were being dorks over Kozu and talking about Crypzu. I then said “Nindroid Kozu” and that snow balled into this entire au thing where they build a nindroid replica of Kozu for reasons…

I suck. I’m sorry.

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